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Starting College.. So Scared..

I fell pregnant in the 6 weeks after finishing school so didn't got to College because, being preggers, wasn't able to to Animal Management due to safety. I'm 18, and haven't been in education since I was 16. My little one is 14 months and haven't seen any of my old friends since I fell pregnant because they took the fathers side.

I'm starting a Barbering course at College in September and I am absolutely bricking it. I see how girls my age look at me when I'm walking around town pushing my bubba in the stroller and it just makes me feel horrible. When people around College find out, I'm scared about how they're going to treat me because I know how judgemental people can be, young bitchy teenage girls especially!

Did you start College after having your babies, how did people treat you? Where they more accepting? I'm so worried :(

by hannar 16 June 2012

  • I haven't been to college but I started work recently and there are alot of young girls that work there.. I've found it okay as long as I say that I have a son with complete confidence nobody will question it or make any comments! I'd just say be confident in what you are and your situation and always be honest about it. You should be proud that you are still going to college amd getting an education even though you have a baby! You will have come further than the others and achieved more. You'll be just fine xx

    by Jambo 16 June 2012

  • I've just finished my first year of A-Levels at college a couple of weeks ago. (I was around 32 weeks) Luckily i had seen quite a few people and their babies already and so i think people were quite used to it, but i still got worried about what people thought. When i spoke to people i didnt really know they were all so lovely saying how impressed they were that i was still there and also carrying on next year even though i was having a baby :') The teachers were also amazing and helped me so much, giving me special privaleges, always asking me questions about me & baby and a few of them's first response was congratulations! Which i never expected! You should be proud of getting an education and working hard for your baby and other people will respect you for that :) Hope its goes well! xx

    by Gabby0308 16 June 2012