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  • @xxSarahJanex have you changed the nappies, wipes, creams, anything that comes into contact with that area recently? x

    by lifes_a_test 4 March 2012

  • @lifes_a_test bout 2 weeks ago had to change wipes as they were out of stock of the ones usually get but I stopped using them after a few days n went back to the normal ones when they were restocked. But at min I'm not using any wipes just warm water. Also stopped using her baby bath stuff just incase that's irratatin her. I'm really out of ideas. She has her nappys off so the air can get to her, make sure nothing is tight n if she is wearin a nappy like during the night I try n change it regularly so it's not damp for too long. Xx

    by 4 March 2012

  • Yeah could of been allergic reaction, we had to buy some different nappys last week too because pampers were out of stock and the next morning bryoney had a few spots around her bum and in the creases of her legs.. we just used sudocrem and stopped using them nappys and she was fine the day after x

    by JLFx3 4 March 2012

  • Well it starts in just one area but spreads. If it hasnt spread by now I doubt it is.

    by Bethan123 4 March 2012

  • @xxSarahJanex maybe its the nappies your using.... if everything else in terms of ideas are out the window x

    by lifes_a_test 4 March 2012