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nappys rash?

Everyone keeps telling me alexa has nappys rashes but I'm not convinced. It started off with just a red spot but now her entire nappys area is covered in bright red spots n rashes, its hot to touch n she flinched a lil when I wiped her. I've stopped using wipes n using warm water like u do with newborns, using sudocrem, take her nappys off when can n bath her in just water but still its not going away. She's had it for over a week now n not improving. People keep saying she doesn't need a dr its normal but my gut says otherwise. She's had abit of a temperature but everyone says that's down to teething. What do u all think? Am I over reacting n its just normal nappy rash or has she got a reaction or infection? Xx

by xxSarahJanex 3 March 2012

  • @xxSarahJanex a sore bum can be due to teething as well so might be that. Best follow your gut instinct and if that means going to the doctors then off to the doctors it is. Your her mum you know what you feel is right for her! x

    by lifes_a_test 3 March 2012