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ergh i know this is going to sound out of order but i really dont want my lil girl 2 have anymore injections. i know they are there to protect babies but it just messes up everything.. just as my lo gets in to a routine and starts sleeping more at night she has her injections and goes back to waking up every 2-3 hours and is very clingy and moody - she wont drink her milk properly and doesnt want to be held by anyone except me!!

also last time i got them done even before the lady stuck the needle in she started to curl her bottom lip as if she knew wat was coming, she cried for ages afterwards and looked at me as if i done it!!! i felt like crying myself, i hate seeing my baby girl in pain. xx

by Amz_n_Tianna 3 April 2010

  • I think by no means shud u stop her from having her injections done! No one likes to see their child in pain, it is the worst thing, but think how u feel about her being in pain from a little injection or layin in hospital in pain suffering from one of the illnesses that the injection was keeping her safe against? I know which one i would rather! This could be jus a coincidence that she has started doing this at the same time as her injections, an could be something else, like a growth spurt or strting to teeth? or it could jus be that she knows that you are goin to get up to her. Now I dont care what anyone says bout babies they are very clever an they cotton on very quickly, so if she knows mummy is going to get up to her maybe that is why she is doing it? wat is she doing wen she wakes up? are you giving calpol after an injection? xxx

    by kerry 3 April 2010

  • Every injection that makes her cry and messes her routine up a little. Is protecting her against fatal illnesses - Like @kerry said i'd much rather see my little one cry than be poorly in hospital! Give her calpol and a bottle after her injections! Calms them down alot. She only has to have 2/3 injections done untill shes one anyway! :-) xx

    by Grace-xo 3 April 2010

  • I don't think that this is a good reason for you to not get her injections done. By all means it is your choise but the only reason i would stop my kids from having injections is if i were scared it would do more harm than good. i.e my girls didn't have the swine flu jab as in my opinion there can't have been enough research to be sure of any long term side effects.
    And don't worry about her thinking it's you doing it, her attention will go onto something else and she'll soon forget the reason she is feeling poorly. Calpol will help get her well like the other girls said.
    And like @Grace-xo said they don't have that many injections anyway! I feel sorry for my little one who is 4 next week and needs her pre-school booster plus she will know what's happening and will be able to remember it :'(

    by LittleMumma 3 April 2010