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Red mark/spot under the skin?

I noticed the other day Roxanne had a red mark under her eye. At first I thought she had scratched herself - It's been there about three days now..& Looks more red. Its under the skin..I thought It was a blood spot or something? Does anyone know what it could be, or anyone had it before and know how it could be treated? I would make a doctors appointment...but it's saturday!
Grace, xox

by Grace-xo 27 March 2010

  • Umm Im not sure hun, it does sound like a scratch! If she is well in herself I think its safe to wait until monday to ask ur doc/health visitor xxx

    by 27 March 2010

  • Sounds strange but my niece started getting a red mark under her lip at a few weeks old and my sister thought it was teething rash and the doctors agreed with her. she kept putting vaseline etc on it until it started to get bigger and she took her back to the doctors and it was a strawberry birth mark! They are usually there when they are born though.

    I would just leave it until monday and keep an eye on it, if it gets any worse or spreads then hae you got an out of hours doctors? If it stays the same or gets better i would just see if you're still worried on monday morning xxx

    by LittleMumma 27 March 2010

  • if ur really worried why dont u try ringing nhs direct, they might be able to advise u further on what it could be =) xx

    by Amz_n_Tianna 27 March 2010

  • Thanks everyone! Its starting to fade all ready - shes been fine and acting herself. So Im not all that worried, I think it was a little milk spot that was just a bit red. :-)
    Grace, xox

    by Grace-xo 28 March 2010