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Really worried - bulimic behaviour from a 4yr old?!

I've mentioned on here before in the Q&A section that my brother's eating habits concern me, as do the way my mum handles them does. Recently he has been purposely trying to make himself sick when he feels full. Apparently my eldest brother was the same at that age. He has just done it and he literally got hysterical and retching trying to make himself sick screaming that he HAS to be sick to feel better. Am I right to be concerned? MY mum is too, which I know because she said its bulimic behaviour and it isn't allowed. The way she shouted it at my dad in front of my brother I don't agree with though because if it really is then anger won't help. I'm also thinking it might be because of my parents arguing constantly in front of all of us. He does is when they have been bad. They constantly argue and it upsets me at nearly 18 and my sister who's 14 so obviously it will distress a 4 year old.
What's your opinion?

Thanks girls x

by lifes_a_test 4 March 2012

  • i strongly agree with you perhaps its best you pull your brother to one side when your parents are arguing and just a chat with him about his day etc, perhaps a strong bond with you will distract hi from your parents and if that doesnt work consider joining a help group with him, not one that hes pressured into just a voluntry one :)

    by Cherii 21 March 2012

  • I can understand the feeling of NEEDING to be sick when U feel full. I'm a recovered anorexic (still have bad days but im better) n when I eat alot n feel so full I want to be sick to get rid of that horrible sluggish, I'll fat feeling. U need someone to step in now before it gets worse n becomes a real awful issue. Id suggest go to a doctor, making yourself sick can do damage, I've had my osophogus bleed before cuz of it n it damages ur teeth. A dr can do a medical on him as well as talk with him n offer advice n support better. Parents should not argue I front of their kids, makes me so angry! Could u take him out when ur parents argue? Go play in the garden or get some toys out n try n get him to express his feelings through that or drawings that way u no what he's thinking n it might hold the answer to why he's making himself sick xx

    by 21 March 2012

  • @Cherii yeh well me and him have a strong bond as I've always helped look after him. I try takin him away if they argue.
    @xxSarahJanex MY eldest brother was the same apparently so maybe its how my mum looks at food when it comes to feeding children as to be honest I disagree with her attitude. she nags etc. and she says to me all the time that I'm going to be fat now I've stopped growing even though I'm 8stone and slim and healthy!! She just has a negative attitude in general she doesn't look after herself and she says in front of my brother how eating too much makes you fat and its horrible :S xx

    thanks girls. I'm going to keep an eye on it

    by lifes_a_test 22 March 2012