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Painting my son bedroom

Hi im going to paint my sons room ready for him to move into i have done everything else and this is the last thing i need to do so its perfect, but im not sure if i need to buy special paint or just normal pain i no the fumes can be dangerous does anyone no if i need to buy a special paint safe for babies or am i being silly?? x

by YummyMummyJD 26 March 2010

  • umm well decorated our Josh's bedroom before he was born (me doing veryyy little due to fumes) - but we used normal paint .. however when you do it i wouldn't put him in it until you are 1000% sure you can't smell the fumes and have aired it out ectttt - noo you not being silly, thats the type of question i would ask :) - hope i've helped! x

    by Bethan 26 March 2010

  • Normal paint is fine. Just keep windows open and the door to the room shut so the fumes dont travel round the house. There might still be a slight new paint smell but jus make sure theres not a strong ovewhelming fumey smell...if that makes any sense at all :) I would say leave it maybe 24 hours with the windows open after the aint has finished drying. You'll be the best judge anyway babe, mums intuition and all that :) x

    by LittleMumma 26 March 2010

  • yeah thank you i think im going mad tbh wen u have a bbaby u think toooo much about things lol xx

    by YummyMummyJD 26 March 2010