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Feeding Dilemma

im currently breastfeeding my 4 week old daughter and have been since she was born but my partner told me he really doesnt feel comfortable with me breastfeeding because of people seeing and i wont breastfeed in public, the problem is though that i dont want to only formula feed either. Ive heard that people do both? i want to breastfeed at night and bottle feed in the day, does anyone know if you can do this? x

by BubbaLove 12 March 2012

  • i did both, i struggled to breastfeed at first so i gave bottles and when i got the hang of it i combined feeds so mostly breastmilk and some feeds formula, its not recommened that you do this before feeding is established as its too different kind of suckling but i did it from when elaina was born and she fed fine up until i stopped breastfeeding, just remember to do it gradually, it was such a shock for elaina when i stopped feeding her myself, and also remember that when you bottle feed her to express after so your body still makes the right amount of milk. My partner felt the same about breastfeeding in public but was moreso upset that he couldnt feed her. good luck hun :)

    by Cherii 13 March 2012

  • Yeah I'm combination feeding right now. You could try expressing milk with a pump though first, then you could do that in public? But anyway, I breastfed only for the first month. then I introduced one bottle of formula a day, and breastfed all the other feeds. I usualy gave him the one bottle before bed. Now. As breastfeeding hurt me so much, I am doin formula feeds in theday ad breastfeeding at night, so far its going ok. I think you should mybe first think of doing 1 or 2 bottles of formula a day, that means you can give your baby the formula wen your out in public or whenever, because if your having no problems or pain with breastfeeding you should carry on as much as possible! X

    by Raychel17 13 March 2012

  • @BubbaLove It's not up to your boyfriend it's up to you. Breast feeding is better for your baby and if youre comfortable with it thats the only thing that matters! However if you do try to combination feed I recommend tommy tippee closer to nature bottles. I expressed milk for when I went out or had people over (had you thought about that?) and theyre suppose to be the easiest for your baby to switch to and from. If you've been breast feeding for 4 weeks your milk supply and your baby's sucking technique should be established enough for you to start using a bottle. Be careful though, don't suddenly stop completely during the day. You need to gradually decrease day feeds (if you decided to use formula) the build up of milk in your boobs can cause mastitus.

    by Bethan123 14 March 2012

  • I used to do that. Combination feeding. I did breast at night and bottle in the day because my baby had issues latching on and breastfeeding just got complicated. You could express for public feeds and keep the bottles in the fridge. I guess you could ask your health visitor about how long you can keep it in for and all of that because I am not the expert. You can mix bottle and breast though if that is what you want.

    by missP 14 March 2012

  • Thanks guys, i've started expressing milk and giving her 3 formula feeds a day because she's feeding every 45 minutes sometimes and my boobs are so sore. I think im going to slowly wean her off of breast milk and on to formula, thanks for all your advice :) xx

    by BubbaLove 14 March 2012