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my daughter is 6 months old, when i place her on her mat she rolls over onto her belly and tries to crawl... she can lift her head and arms up so far but sort of rests on her belly... i just wondered of there was anything i could do to help her ??? because she gets fustrated after 5 mins because she crn't move and just cries... also i have laminate flooring, and wondered if there was anything i could use to make it abit safer for her... incase she bangs her head or something xxx thanx

by jade_lillie 6 April 2010

  • Tummy time helps encourage babies to crawl - As far as I know, thats all I know that you can do. She will probably get frustrated after 5 does Roxanne. But she will learn in her own time and finally get the hang of it. Just keep putting her on her tummy. Try buying a playgym for her to lie on thats what our Rox has its really colourful to and makes loads of noises..she really enjoys it. :-)
    Grace, xox

    by Grace-xo 7 April 2010