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Babys and heat :)

With it finally getting hot in the north (thank god lol :D!!) ive started putting lai lai in dresses with large hats and lots of spf50 suncream but i wondering what other mums did to protect their children from the rays when out? e.g. do you use parasols or anything, any tips or advice would be amazing as this is my first spring/summer as a mummy (yay!)

by Cherii 26 March 2012

  • I've been told that its better to keep babies covered or in shade than use sun creme if they are under 6 months but if there is no other way to avoid the sun then you can use it. ATM i'm still keeping my lil man covered when out :] xx

    by Ali-munchkin 26 March 2012

  • I just bought a parasol for the buggy! Also Jalen has a sun hat ready for the warm days! I just bought spf 50 suncream but haven't used it yet x

    by Raychel17 26 March 2012