Safe baby care

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    Baby Socks?

    Does anyone know the best socks to buy babies? My baby boy is 4 weeks tomorrow and i cant find any socks that stay on his feet. I have …

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    Baby rice

    Sooo many brands to choose from! What brands did everyone else use to start weaning their bubas? (I'm only buying baby rice..when It …

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    I useally use Pampers or Johnsons baby wipes. &Pampers nappies. I brought a packet of Huggies baby wipes not long ago and didn't really l…

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    weaning babies

    at what age are you going to wean your babies? xx

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    Roxanne hasn't started weaning yet because a bottle fills her up fine. I've had the health visitor round to talk through weaning..stuff f…

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    whats the earliest uv put ur baby on…

    my lil man in jus over a month old i breastfeed for the first week but couldnt perduce enough so i put him on cow and gate 1 but he will …

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    whats the best thing for cradle cat?

    my lil mans has started 2 get cradle cat was woundering whats the best thing to clear it?

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    Baby Massage

    Has anyone heard of the Baby Massage groups which are run in childrens cnetres? If so what do you think and has anyone been to one?

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    Coni Scheme

    I just wanted to know if anyone else was on the CONI scheme? It is a scheme for families who have lost a child from cotdeath, I lost my b…

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    Roxannes started teething (Im pretty sure anyway) I give her calpol to help out..&I brought some teething gel. Called 'Calgel' - However …