Safe baby care

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    ergh i know this is going to sound out of order but i really dont want my lil girl 2 have anymore injections. i know they are there to pr…

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    my daughter is 6 months old, when i place her on her mat she rolls over onto her belly and tries to crawl... she can lift her head and ar…

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    sticky eyes...conjunctivitis??

    My son woke up yesterday with his eyes stuck together and since then has had really sore eyes with green gowey stuff which i can only des…

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    wen Harry was smaller I bort him one of those laing down support things for the bath, as wen he got a bit bigger (weight wise) it would h…

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    Painting my son bedroom

    Hi im going to paint my sons room ready for him to move into i have done everything else and this is the last thing i need to do so its p…

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    feeding ur baby

    do u guys wake ur baby up for a feed during the day or wait till they wake for it? xx

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    cpw and gate stage 2 milk

    everytime my lil man has his bottle the milk that is all round is mouth afterwards looks all thick like his sick and in the bottles there…

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    Parenting Books

    Has anyone read any parenting books? What did you think of them? I had one called 'Happy Children Through Positive Parenting' and I fo…

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    moving my son into his own room

    hi my son is 4 months old and is getting too big for his moses basket and needs to go into his cot, but his cot wont go in my bedroom so …

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    Red mark/spot under the skin?

    I noticed the other day Roxanne had a red mark under her eye. At first I thought she had scratched herself - It's been there about three …