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On the morning of June 3rd I lost a lot of blood and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, they said all was fine, but my bump was very small so they gave me a sizing scan and Thomas measured the size of a 32 week baby, I was 37 weeks, half the placenta was not working, I was induced at 2:00p.m and was getting contractions by 2:00, by 5:00 I was in real agony but I did not get any pain killers until 80!! Which was when I got my epidural ( when the anethatist walked in the room I was like I love you, please marry me? ) then it stopped working so I was given a top up, that only worked up to my knees, so I was given another one, but with each epidural I was given, Thomas's heart rate dropped, so I was put on gas and air for about an hour and then my best friend ( the anetheiatist ) came back and gave me 3 into my canula in my hand, then Thomas's heart rate dropped severely and I was told he had to come out, fortunately I was fully dilated so I did not need a C section! They did have to cut me though because his head was turned and they used a suction pad to pull him out, but he was born a very healthy non screamy baby. He was born weighing 5lb 7 ozs and he was perfect! He didn't even scream! The hospital were worried about me because I lost a liter of blood and my iron level was 7.9 it should have been 10 but I was still acting and feeling normal, Thomas was severely Jaundice so we had to stay in a few days in a private room, but all is well now and we ar home safely.
He is the most perfect baby and I love him more than words could ever describe! he was definitely worth the pain and panic!! xx

by lulumummytob 13 June 2012