Labour and birth

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    Welcome to the world Peaches-Rose. x

    Hey everyone, im proud to announce my beautiful baby girl Peaches-Rose arrived safely yesterday morning after a very quick labour weighin…

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    cesarean section tomorrow

    Hiya mummies and mummies-to-be :) tomorrow morning at 10:30 I'm booked in to have a cesarean section. I'm going to finally meet my twins …

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    Am I depressed?

    Hey guys, my son is 2 wks old and I think I might be depressed but I don't know :( we don't bond I don't feel like the way I think I shou…

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    Home with my babies :D

    had to stay in a week just a few complications with stitches, Courtney's mild infection and Laceys sicky phase but they're both ok and we…

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    Twins are here

    This is Ryan Aimee's bf. This Tuesday I became a dad! My amazing babies were born at 9:24am and 9:27am, Lacey Paige was first, Courtney N…

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    our baby girl has finally arrived!

    heey girls just letting you know our baby girl, sophie ella cunningham was born exactly 2 weeks late on thursday 13th june at 6.32am w…

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    Mums with babies near meee?

    i aint been on ages and ive just updated stuff but i was wondering if any other young mummies lived near me id like to get to know some o…

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    Lily-May Grace Lynn

    Last night at 11:11 (49 mins before my birthday!) Our perfect little girl Lily-May was born weighing 6lbs 10 and a half ounces so tiny! I…

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    I've had my little girl!

    I haven't been on here for a couple of weeks and in that time my beautiful baby girl whos called Princess Hope Caprice James arrived on 3…

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    just wondering if anyones had waterbirths an how they found it?x