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Priority Bands

Got accepted onto my councils housing list! But were the lowest priority band which is band 4. Which is fair enough, because my house has 1 spare bedroom and I'm not a high priority. But I can't help thinking what is the point of being on it lol. my cousin lied about being homeless to get a house with her baby, but i dont think i can do that, they would probly find out if I tried to do that lol. What did everyone else do regarding council housing? Xx

by Raychel17 18 July 2012

  • I was high priority for bout 6months cuz my parents house was over crowded and when alexa was born we had to sleep in the lounge alexa had her basket and I had the sofa for 2 weeks til I was offered a new flat. The council are really slow and annoying! I moved in 8months ago and had 3 broken plug sockets and im still waiting for them to be fixed! Lies always get caught out eventually. The only way U could be bumped up is if ur parents wrote to them and said they were kicking U out and even then U may end up in a hostel xx

    by 18 July 2012