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I'm one of these people that seriously can't save money, unless I put it somewhere safe.
Any time I need to save, I have to give it to Jamez to put into his savings account otherwise I'll spend it.
When I work, I get about £1000 a month. It sounds like a lot but I seriously can't make it stretch while I'm trying to save aswell!
I was saving for my holiday, and then this month I have spent ALL of my money on my bike, and I mean all. I have £10 and that is with borrowing £50 from my mum as well.

I get paid next week, literally a few days before Brai's birthday, and after her birthday I have to buy stuff for college and then save up for my bike test, and then my car test/lessons/car/insurance etc...

I guess this was mainly a rant lol. Does anyone have any money saving suggestions?x

by BeccaaCat 14 August 2012

  • My boyfriend and I are terrible at saving! We saved about 4 grand and ended up spending it all. Now we just withdraw the cash and then give it to my mum who puts it away! X

    by KatyBee 14 August 2012

  • See I can save about £50 before I end up spending it haha, it's rubbish :( x

    by BeccaaCat 14 August 2012

  • I'm pretty good at saving money, mainly because I HATE spending money lol. The only person I like spending money on is Layla :) I can't go out without buying her some thing! I spend more money when it's actually in my purse but in my bank it sit around for age. My boyfriend on the other hand is dreadful at saving money, he is one of those people that think they have to spend every single bit of money they've got lol, eventually he got his wages put into my bank!
    Get a little piggy bank that you have to smash to get money out of? Xx

    by NicoleLepage 14 August 2012