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Pram thoughts!!!

Started at looking at prams for new baby, but unsure what to go for. Needs to be able to cope with plenty of walking and be able to attach a board on the back. Does anyone know of any good ones about at the min. thanks x

by xproudmummyx 27 June 2012

  • id recommend getting one that has a carseat attachment, we have one, and lai is now 8months old, shes only just out of the carseat so weve got lots of time left with this pram and its still in really good nick :D
    we have the Hauck Speed Sun :D

    by Cherii 27 June 2012

  • Thanks i will have to check it out. I want to get a good one this time as i was never happy last time round and kept buying new ones all the times :/ or maybe i have a pram addiction,hmmm! xx

    by xproudmummyx 27 June 2012

  • I've got a mamas and papas travel system :) I love it! Its bounced up and down a flight of stairs almost everyday and its quite light :) alexa still fits the car seat and shes 9months but tend to keep it in my mums car now as alexa has been sat up in her pram for a few months, it says on the instructions 'from birth to 3yrs', the basket underneath is really big! I manage to fit a good few shopping bags in it and changing bag. Can't think what its called now, but U know the bit at the top of the pram that's like a canopy thing? This one comes all the way over like a bubble so if ur out and it randomly rains and u dont have the rain cover, baby still stays dry :) and it has a lil window in so u can see them. The chair has 3 positions too :) I actually love the pram!!! Lol xx

    by 27 June 2012