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Seeing Ex tomorrow, help?

Tomorrow im seeing my ex boyfriend to talk about arrangements with our unborn child.
Its been about a month since we broke up and i still have really strong feelings for him.
Have any of you been through this? How on earth am i supposed to separate my feelings in order to focus 100% on this baby?
Even seeing him will bring back floods of memories.. But since im 25 weeks pregnant, we don't really have the time to wait until we're both prepared to see one another..

by sjc123 11 July 2012

  • This is really hard! I was with my daughters dad for 5yrs before I left him cuz he threw me against the wall, dragged me across the floor and pushed me and daughter up against a wall. Despite him doing that I still loved him and he was only allowed supervised visists with his mum at first. When I finally let him round on his own I burst into tears cuz he kept saying 'i still love u' but I knew I it wasnt right at that time even tho my heart was screaming 'i love you too'. It is hard but just keep thinking of ur baby,think about how U want things to work and what U want him to do for the baby. Things do get easier, I've been seprated now for 2 months and its alot easier, do get bad days where just want to hug him and take him back but I know im a better parent on my own and mine and my daughter are safe. Sorry im not much help but just try to keep the talk about baby, good luck sweet xx

    by 11 July 2012

  • This is definately a tough situation. But its good your both being mature enough to meet up and decide what to do about the bubba. Maybe make a list of things you want to sort, ie. finance and maybe even days he could see the baby. May sound really harsh but baby comes first. So sort that out before you let the flood gates open and tell him how much you miss him. Hope things work out for you babe. xx

    by KellyEliza 11 July 2012

  • I know its hard, I have a son with my ex partner, we were together 4 and a half years, we broke up because he was violent to me for two years. After we broke up I still loved him and seeing him for the first few months was hard, and part of me just wanted run back to him, but I knew it was the best for me and my son. It does get easier, some days are harder than others but it really does get easier as time goes on x

    by Charley_F 11 July 2012