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    my dad wants me to move back home

    my dad for the past couple of days has been asking me and making hints for me to move back home he has even started to decorate my old be…

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    cant cope if he dies, i need him

    Had some bad news tonight. My grandad is very sick again. He fell ill in oct of last year n was in hospital for bout 2 mnths, then my gra…

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    Age Gaps

    What in your opinion is the best age gap to have between children?

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    Close age gaps?

    Anyone else got babies with a close age gap? My daughter was 1 year 2 weeks and 6 days old when my son was born :) they are having a …

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    Disturbing dreams

    Ok im really concerned bout my babys dad, i know he hasnt been nice at all recently but he's just opend up to me n got really upset. He s…

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    Not Happy with Mums plans

    I finally told my mum at 25 weeks, my plan was to stay with her until I can support myself and my baby, and she has agreed with the idea …

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    pls vote for my 7 yr old, she could r…

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.​php?fbid=174705525925027&set=a​.115284778533769.15494.1096781​72427763&type=1&theater PLEASE VOTE…

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    What if i am terrible mummy?

    how do i know i will be a good mum? i want a baby so so much and have always been told i am great with children, and love my pets and eve…

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    the dads family

    does anyone else not get on with their babies dads family? n if so what do you do about it

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    step parents

    i daughters still have a lot involement with my ex husband they love thier dad, i now have a new partner how can i make this change witho…