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Leaving your child with friends!

I was just wondering how everyone feels about leaving their child with friends? Do you even have friends that will look after your child?

I have the rest of the afternoon to myself today as my best friend, Gemma, is looking after Jamie. At first I felt abit guilty about shoving him onto someone else but now I feel fine. My friend is almost 23 years old, and is a full time nanny to two children, she is also Jamie's godmother, so I trust her.

Just wondering your thoughts... x

by Charley_F 8 August 2012

  • I think that is fine :) she can obviously look after children & you trust her. It's not like you are doing to with every friend all the time! So enjoy your free time :) x

    by NicoleLepage 8 August 2012

  • Thank you and I will! I am finishing the housework, listening to abit of music and then going to relax with a face mask and read 50 shades of Grey! Its amazing that when becoming a mum you really do start to appreciate ANY free time, like reading a book or even having a bath in peace! Lol! x

    by Charley_F 8 August 2012

  • I appreciate being able to go to the toilet!
    It's so annoying when I really need the toilet but nobodys home and I can't leave Brai alone haha.

    I don't really have any friends, one friend is lovely, but she can't look after kids. She gets annoyed and doesn't seem to realise that Brai doesn't actually understand much still.
    My other two friends (3 friends is rubbish I know) would be her godfathers if we got her christened, and they're brilliant with her. Always playing with her and cuddling her, I still don't know if I'd trust them to look after her yet though, I'm very picky with who I leave her with haha.
    But your friend obviously is capable so I don't see a problem with it!

    by BeccaaCat 8 August 2012

  • Im very picky with who I leave Jamie with too, I have had friends before offer to babysit and I was like '' lol! But like you have both said, my friend Gemma is probably more qualified than I am to look after Jamie and he loves her to bits! My other friend Emily, who is also his godmother is amazing, she has two kids of her own and used to come round everyday after college to help me out when he was first born! I am so lucky to have such lovely friends! x

    by Charley_F 8 August 2012