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For those of you who aren't pregnant and haven't had babies

I'm guessing you're on here because you want a baby and I'm also guessing you're pretty young. Well here's a list of things to do before you even think about it....

Go on holiday with your friends preferably abroad

Get shitfaced and spend the whole of the next day on the sofa under a duvet eating crap and wallowing in your hung overness. This is the thing I miss the most!

Got friends at uni? Go stay with them. The more spontaneous the visit, the better.

Go shopping and spend your money souly on yourself. Go and try stuff on in the changing rooms and take as long as you want about it.

Go to the cinema during the day.

Role out of bed 5 minutes before you have to be somewhere

Go to the hairdressers, nail bar etc

Go punting or rowing or boating of some description

Go to posh restaurants or oldey style pubs

Have a duvet day and sit in front of the tv all day only getting up to put a pizza in the oven.

Go to uni/college or whatever

Go travelling to far and distant countries

Go swimming, not splashing about actually swimming

Now I'm not saying these things are impossible when you have a baby especially when you have a good babysitter, and some of them are necessary when your'e pregnant but theyre just a couple of things that you might not even think about but that you might really miss.
Feel free to add stuff if any of you can think of other things, which I'm sure you can.

by Bethan123 6 March 2013

  • @Bethan123 for me I done most of these things, & I am glad I did.
    Like you said, especially the one about the holiday. I went on two holidays abroad & they were brill!

    A thing I would like to add, is make sure you are also with the right person when you do decide to try for a baby. You may think they are right, but give it time, sometimes it can take a while for you to get to know someone & for them to get to know you. So don't get into a relationship with intend to start a family asap, because these things take time sometimes xxxxx

    by Gemma_ 7 March 2013