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Connecting with other local mums with the same interests

Hi everyone!

I am wondering if other mums or (mums to be) like me have similar problems of connecting to other mums in their local area? Sometimes I just need a little 'me' time and it would be great if there were others I could either speak to or meet up with, it's just a question of where to go, and for that to be as convenient as possible as I can't always attend the local meet up groups.

I stumbled upon this site: which seems to be focused on connecting local mums who share the same interests. I've signed up, so let's see if that helps.

I am wondering what you all think of both the site and the problem, is it something I am just going through or do others feel the same.

Would love to hear some of your thoughts.

Lucy x

by LucyH87 11 June 2012

  • I feel the same, I don't really have any mum friends :/ x

    by BeccaaCat 11 June 2012

  • Hey Becca, have you been to any of the local mums groups - I've been to a couple, but I sometimes miss it and that's really it for my week!

    by LucyH87 11 June 2012

  • I feel the same, none of ny friends are mums. I love my friends who stood by me and they are brilliant but they dont really understand what its like even tho they do try. Sometimes I do wish I had someone else who knew what it was like and just have a chat bout all sorts. Its nice being able to relate to someone who knows exactly what ur going through tho, that's why im on here. The girls here are brilliant tho! Xx

    by 11 June 2012

  • I agree, I've found this much friendlier than being on some other sites, people have actually responded - is there a way to meet up or like events planned through the site here? I know what you mean, it's a massive change, that a lot of my friends and family even don't really understand too much (except my mum) but then again, I feel I want to spend more time with people my own age. Sarah have you attended any mums meet up groups, how have you found them? I haven't really found many for young mums tbh xx

    by LucyH87 11 June 2012