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Baby showers?

Someone from my church has offered to throw me a baby shower;
has anybody on here had one?
What are some of the themes you used?
I have no idea about baby showers! :)

by sjc123 31 July 2012

  • I refused to have one because I feel really awkward accepting gifts from people- I never know how to react and don't want to offend people haha.

    I didn't even know they had themes o_o
    I think just having some food and some silly games could be fun. My friends had a couple of baby shower games, although I can't remember what they were haha, could try googling them? xx

    by BeccaaCat 31 July 2012

  • I never had one cuz family didnt find out I was pregnant til I was 28weeks and they certainly weren't happy but theres some cute lil games U can play, if U google it loads of stuff comes up :) xx

    by 31 July 2012

  • I don't really want one but my friend is determind to have one, I feel awkward inviting people to something and expecting a gift :S Awkward for me.
    But we're just going to BBQ it if it goes ahead and weathers good.
    Make it a relaxed gathering or something.
    Might play a few name games or something but it won't be a majorly planned event. xx

    by KellyEliza 31 July 2012

  • @sjc123 - Personally I would LOVE a baby shower!
    Would love to set a nice theme, play certain games (not sure what, would Google that) , is a good opportunity to see all of your friends and family as well.
    The gifts are a perk as well, I don't think I would feel awkward at all, but if there were certain things I needed then I would ask close family members for them, and then the rest (friends and family) can bring anything they want, and if they don't want to, they don't have to, I wouldn't expect everyone to bring gifts xxx

    by Gemma_ 31 July 2012

  • All my friends wanted me to have one but accepting gifts makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't even ask for christmas and birthday presents! you could play games like guess the weight & birth date of baby :) Xx

    by NicoleLepage 31 July 2012