Chit Chat

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    Barnsley mum

    Hey I'm 19 and new to barnsley with my newborn would love to get to know some other young mums my age as it's quite lonely on your own. …

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    19 & pregnant

    & totally new to this..hi everyone!

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    I need three followers to complete a …

    Hey, I'd love to also chat with some people!

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    any mummies want to chat?

    Been trying to post on here for a week but my phone just wont let me arghh! Does anyone else feel the same that they have lost all their …

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    3 followers to finish a task

    and some mothers to talk with please!

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    I need 3 followers to finish my tasks, its rather annoying considering i am new to this lol! But I do need some new friends as I've just…

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    Long time no speak

    Just wondering how you all are. Its been ages since I was last on here. @Keels @Chelseabee @Lola @jorjex xxx

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    a little lonely.

    I'm 17 and 33 weeks pregnant, I have a supportive partner but I spend so much time on my own and it is really starting to get me down. I …

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    Anyone in Taunton?

    Anyone in Taunton somerset?

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    Anyone living in London

    Hi I'm Precious. Would love to get to know other mums.. Please message me xx