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    a little lonely.

    I'm 17 and 33 weeks pregnant, I have a supportive partner but I spend so much time on my own and it is really starting to get me down. I …

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    Anyone in Taunton?

    Anyone in Taunton somerset?

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    Anyone living in London

    Hi I'm Precious. Would love to get to know other mums.. Please message me xx

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    any mummys living in oxfordshire?

    and want to meet up?

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    I need 3 followers to finish my tasks, its rather annoying considering i am new to this lol! But I do need some new friends as I've just…

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    What were your baby going to be calle…

    My Son Jay was going to be called either Lydia Mai or Lola Rose whats yours?

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    so hard :(

    well it started off when I broke up with my ex boyfriend about 11 weeks ago. he told me he didn't want nothing to do with me so I lefted …

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    Hi Everyone! My name is Lucy and I am currently in year 13. I am completing my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) on the speech develo…

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    I can't take this....

    I feel so pathetic typing this because to me it sounds selfish and pathetic. Anyway, my sister has annouced she is pregnant, she is 27…

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    Sending my son away...

    So, I have a 6 year old with my ex partner. We have an arrangement of him having him every other weekend. As far as I am aware my son is …