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what are your iron levels supposed to be?

im anemic and my iron levels are 10.3 which i thought was okay however its not and i cant seem to find out what they are supposed to be

by terrianne8 27 July 2011

  • Apparantly they are supposed to be 14.8 before your pregnant...and u need them to be higher than that during pregnancy!!! my doctors said anything below 10 is very bad and they might start talking about blood transfusions etc after birth,(as u lose so much blood durning)! My iron levels are currently at 9.3 at 37 weeks 4days Not good! I have to take 2 massive doeses of pregaday iron n folic acid combined a day which makes me feel so incredibly sick and like im sucking on coins (disgustin).
    For me i can tell when i need iron due to feeling super light headed and out of breathe/ dizzy and kinda spaced out! also sore tongue and pale! Its a horrible feeling!
    How far along in pregnacy r u? at 10weeks my levels were 10.8! Do u have to take n e tablets yet? x

    by Huwowie 27 July 2011

  • i dont no what my iron levels r but have been given tablets by my GP for my iron level. im pale quite alot of the time n felt like poo before i started taking these tablets, now ive had them for nearly a week n im feeling better :) x

    by Jessica-anne 2 August 2011

  • U should try and find out what your levels r! it will be in your blue pregnancy notes under 'Pathology Report Mounting Sheet' and then u will/should have your print out blood work sheet...look at the Haemoglobin levels! x

    by Huwowie 2 August 2011

  • normal level is 10.5 thats what i was told anyway,
    Follow <3 x

    by carly_14741 3 August 2011

  • my doctor told me its ment to be between 12 and 16. just now mine is 9.1 and after i had my baby it was 8.3 and if it goes bellow 8 your ment to get a blood transfusion so was prettly close! i would advise anyone whos giving iron tablets or sytron (liquid iron) to take it! i went to my boyfriends for a night last weekend and forgot it and didnt take it and i colapsed and ended up it hospital! its horrible being animic isnt it? always feeling tired and having a new baby isnt a good mix lol xx

    by clairelouise 3 August 2011