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did anyone or is anyone being sick and bringing up blood with it?what could it be:(?

FOLLOW ME PLEASE!! am 32 weeks pregnant and recently started being sick again and keep bringing blood up with the sick does anyone know what is could be ?the midwife said just to keep an eye on it but am quite worried as i am only 15.

by 19 February 2010

  • hey, i was wondering how often u are being sick and how much blood, if it is just a little blood it may be that you have agravated your throat whilst being sick and its caused it to bleed slightly!!
    however vomiting blood is also a sign of Pre-eclampsia, and can be quite serious if left, but try not to worry and do keep and eye on it and tell your midwife straight away is anything changes here are a few of the other symptoms of pre-eclampsia:
    •Severe headaches
    •Vomiting blood
    •Excessive swelling of the feet and hands
    •Smaller amounts of urine or no urine
    •Blood in your urine
    •Rapid heartbeat
    •Excessive nausea
    •Ringing or buzzing sound in ears
    •Excessive vomiting
    •Double vision
    •Blurred vision
    •Sudden blindness
    •Pain in the abdomen (tummy)
    Try not to worry and remember the best person to talk to if your worried is your midwife!!

    by teresacharl 19 February 2010

  • thank you,its just a little bit of blood and i was sick about 5-6 times but i will just keep an eye on it and see if anything else happens xxx

    by 20 February 2010

  • id contact ya midwife n dr just to keep a check that its nothing serious xxx

    by ali-bond 20 February 2010

  • Hmmm how often are you being sick chick? isit everyday? I would be worried about that too. Did you go see your midwife or did you phone her? she should probs check you out, just to ease your mind at least. A couple weeks back I started having morning sickness again, but its gone again for now thankfully as mine was terrible. But me my midi put it down to the fact that I stopped taking the stuff that was helping me deal with it in the first place, so that solved it :-).

    by alisha-x 20 February 2010

  • im being sick all the time and my midwifes told me that it will pass but now im starting to bring up blood but i thort it was just because im being sick that much its ripped somethink inside my throat or something but i am going to get intouch with my doctor about it again because im getting to the stage where i cant eat because im just being sick with it

    by melisanbump 25 February 2010