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Worrying! And due dates girls? :)

Im not usually a worrier inthe slightest, i'm generally a really positive thinker.
I'm 21 6 weeks pregnant and so happy! Being pregnant is the most exciting, special, and amazingly interesting things you can experience (i say so far :3 ) but, as my babbas only real small and my bump is only just starting to show, i have started getting a tad bit worried... All the time! :)
I've been quite poorly recently, especially with the weather, and it keeps coming an going when ever it pleases and i know tat if it doesnt go soon that i'd better nip to the doctors. It's only a cold though, nothing too serious.
Apart from that, i start worrying at every little ache or pain, or any time i dont feel him for a long period of time.
It feels quite silly writing this but i think it's mainly because i know i wont be getting another scan and babba's not big enough to be able to feel and see properly yet!
So i should be fine in a month or so.
Has anyone else been like that or have a just turned into a worrying mum already? :D
Also, how is everyone doing? When are all your due dates? Any coming up soon?
Love & peace

by Lydiaeve 6 March 2013

  • @Lydiaeve I like you, worried very much, about everything.
    I worried about when I was being sick during first trimester & not wanting to eat, was my baby getting enough - But course he was, he was taking all the good-ness from me!
    Babies in the womb, are like a parasite, they take all the goodness from you, leaving you short. So although you may be feeling awful, your bubba is fine lol :P

    But with your cold like symptoms a trip to the GP is a good idea. Have you had the flu jab yet? :)

    I used to worry at every pain as well, but it's just your uterus stretching to make way for a baby. You should start to feel move a lot more over the coming weeks & that will be a reassurance in itself.
    If you don't feel him move for a long while, try taking a walk, bouncing on a gym ball, having a fizzy drink or bit of chocolate, or having a hot bath. This can sometimes encourage the baby to move.

    Another reason you may not feel baby move as much, may be that the placenta is at the front & baby is more toward your back, therefore their movement will be cushioned.
    Try not to worry too much! :P

    I am doing fine thank you, my due date is in 5 weeks & 5 days time! Not long at all, I can't wait! :D

    Feel free to add me on Facebook if you like - Gemma Aston

    (sorry for the huge essay) xxx

    by Gemma_ 7 March 2013