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Premature babys?

ive been told that i am highly likey to have a premature baby im really scared she wont surive has anyone else had a premature baby and what happen?how many weeks? and where they okay sorry to ask im just really starting to worry xxx

by Ellie-May 17 August 2012

  • @Ellie-May
    why do they think you'll have a premature baby? x

    by NicoleLepage 17 August 2012

  • my daqughter was 5 weeks early and was in the scbu for a week and a half honestly its not to scary just stay calm and try not to worry now adays doctors can do miricals whilst she was there there was a little baby boy who was born 10 weeks early or something and he was the size of my hand and he survived i still speak to his mum today he is not almost 2 and a happy child <3

    by Shannon_mum 17 August 2012