Being pregnant

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    14 and pregnant

    hi right we only ever did it once i didnt think anything could happen i started to feel ill and i had belly pains so i went to my gp …

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    roughly 12 weeks pregnant after misca…

    i am pregnant not long after having a miscarriage i have my scan tomo i am totally nervous and worried what will show up in the scan its …

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    Stuck on baby girl names!!

    I was 101% sure I was having a boy and now 8 weeks after finding out I'm going to have a little girl I still haven't found any names I li…

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    I'm 17 and 24 weeks pregnant new to t…

    talk to me I'm new to this haha.

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    Boy or girl?.

    The link below is of my sack. On wed I have my scan to see if it's a boy or girl but wanted to see what you think. We think boy!. X ht…

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    What did you get for Christmas?

    Hey girls and guys! What did you get for Christmas this year? I got the best present anyone could ask for,an engagement ring AND a beauti…

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    Follow me & I'll follow back

    Want to get a higher level and the site is quite quiet so thought this would be easier (:

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    Does anyone get mad cramps in their tummy and can't stand up when they happen?? I'm only 17 weeks gone :(

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    Braxton Hicks..!

    I'm only 26 weeks gone, and I am genuinely sick of braxton hicks :( all night, every night for hours on end! I've tried taking a bath, ha…

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    Any Mums or Mums to be in Manchester?

    Hi everyone!! My name is Emma, I'm 21 and expecting my first baby in April. I moved to the UK from Canada about a year ago but haven't r…