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Emotional Bedtimes

Every time I put my 2 year old son to bed, despite sometimes seeming relaxed and settled as soon as I go downstairs he screams, cries and doesnt stop getting out of bed.
I usually try telling him something interesting we can do the next day as hes getting into bed and tell him if he goes to sleep we can do it tomorrow when we wake up.
He's gone to bed so well so many times but alot of the time I find it hard to put him back in to bed and sit on the stairs whilst he cries and screams. I dread to think what my neighbours are thinking, it sounds like he's being tortured sometimes and breaks my heart

by GeorgesMummy 4 February 2013

  • I learnt something watching the telly a while ago on 'Super Nanny' and she taught a lot of families once a child wakes up the first time and gets up to lay them back down and say night night etc etc .once they get up again she taught them not to say anything and just lay them down, it gets tiring but it does work :) Try looking on youtube at Super Nanny sleeping etc and see if you can learn anything from it, suppose you just have to try different things until it works for you :) good luck xxxx

    by AmberChilds 20 February 2013

  • No offence but super nanny chats alot of shit. She doesn't have kids so its all theories and she doesnt really know what shes talking about. That's good about the tomorrow thing, I usually talk about what we've done today so similar. does he have a proper bedtime routine, stories etc? I know its so difficult to hear them cry but you have to think, is he crying because he's not getting his own way and he wants attention? Or is he crying because he thinks you don't love him and he's truly unhappy? I'd say it was probably the first one. I know thats not much advice but might make you feel better. Sleep is a tricky one.

    by Bethan123 6 March 2013

  • Hi GreorgesMummy. My 2-year-old son suddenly started waking up several times a night. In most cases, it was just to get some attention or to put his musical mobile on. Nevertheless, our sleep was interrupted. I considered buying sleep trainers such as Kid’Sleep, which seem to receive good comments, but found a cheaper solution: an app calles Wake app, Sunshine. It costs 1,5 euros instead of 50 euros. We’ve installed a deprecated smartphone in his room and after just 2 nights, he already got used to the system.

    by sandrar 5 January 2016