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  • Have you ever tried to woombie?
    Braianna pulls her hair constantly, she used to scratch her head because of cradle cap, and whenever I'm changing her she constantly grabs herself.
    If it gets that bad you should tell your hv or your doctor xx

    by BeccaaCat 25 April 2012

  • @cherii...i want my daugther to sleep with something coz she likes to feels things but i cant find anything or i dont know what to get..did you try anything else than the blanket? also is it too late for her shes 7 months old and shes not attach to any of her toys..i know this is out of contest sorry

    by Miss-Masie 25 April 2012

  • @BeccaaCat whats a woombie?? and yeah I will tell my health visitor. @Miss-Masie he's got a toy its called a comforter, its really cute, and easy to hold and very soft, you can get them anywhere, try tesco or asda or mothercare! X

    by Raychel17 25 April 2012

  • @Miss-Masie, she has a fisher price lullaby toy aswell that she can hug and stuff but i just used a cellular blanket really, and because its cellular if it goes over her face she can still breath so its safe :D
    @Raychel17 thank you :D Jalens hair is amazing, even though its falling out it patches it should still regrow thicker and stronger, happened alot to my nephew, do you maintain his hair in any way? i still use olive oil in Elainas but that means i have to wash it alot

    by Cherii 25 April 2012

  • @Cherii yeah i was using olive oil but it wasn't getting rid of the cradle cap but now I use baby oil in his hair and on his scalp!! I wash his hair everyday simply because i was getting rid of the cradle cap and now its become part of his routine! I want him to have long hair so i can tie it up! Lol x

    by Raychel17 25 April 2012