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Child Safety Week: poisons

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Detergent capsules are often concentrated and come in normal boxes with no child-resistant packaging, which means they’re easy for little fingers to get into.  The colourful liquids and packaging of cleaning products can be particularly appealing to young children. 

‘Child-resistant’ also doesn’t mean ‘childproof’ as some 3-4 year olds can open child resistant caps in seconds.  All of this means it’s really important to keep all cleaning products and medicines out of reach and sight – ideally in a high locked cupboard.  Don’t forgot the painkillers in your handbag either – remember to put your bag out of reach of little fingers.

When you’re buying cleaning products, look out for ones with bittering agents such as Bitrex in, as they taste so nasty they are a real deterrent to children swallowing them.

Today 11 toddlers will swallow something so potentially harmful that they will be admitted into hospital. 

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*blog kindly written by the Child Accident Prevention Trust



  • Gosh, when my little one is old enough to crawl around/pull them self up/walk etc; I will be getting stairgates, cupboard locks, toilet lock things etc; the LOT! Deffo don't want to take any risks xx

    by Gemma_ 7 December 2012

  • My boys moving around so I got a safety gate so he can't go into the kitchen haha

    by 9 September 2012

  • Will be keeping a close, close eye on my LO

    by Summerrain 26 August 2012