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Child Safety Week: fire

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During Child Safety Week two toddlers will be admitted to hospital because they’ve inhaled smoke from a fire in the home. The thick black smoke from a fire can fill your home in minutes and kill in seconds. 

If a fire starts when you’re asleep and you don’t have a working smoke alarm there’s a big chance the poisonous smoke will quickly make you unconscious and you’ll never wake up!

Make sure you have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home and double your chances of getting your family out. 

Take a few minutes every week to check your alarms are working. And pledge some time this week to fitting your smoke alarms, if they’re still sitting in their boxes!

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  • Fire scares the hell out of me. I am so paranoid. So glad we have fire alarms that work! xx

    by Gemma_ 7 December 2012

  • i have two fire alarms in my house on up stairs and one down, i make sure theyre checked at least once every two weeks, but i can be very easy to forget to check them, leave yourself little reminders on the calander or on your phone i found that this worked for me.

    by meganmummy14 26 October 2012

  • I have several alarms in the house, i live in a house near the stables i ride in and the barn is next door, in the summer wen it gets hot they hay can get caught alight which makes it dangerous, i make sure our alarms work every week! x

    by rosem94 4 August 2012

  • i have two fire alarms in my house. one in my dining room and one on my landing. When i first moved into my property i had none. I couldnt believe my land lady hadnt put them in. well me being me, put it down on my ever growing list of 'things to do'. a few days later i was having a nap with my little one when all of a sudden there was someone banging on my windows. coming too my lounge was ful of smoke. so panicking a grabbed my daughter and ran out the house. My new neighbour had contacted the fire brigade. No sign of flames in the house - so i was still totally unaware of what was going on. Then i looked up - my chimney was alight. i later found out we could have been in serious danger due to the lack of safety given at the property. My two alarms were fitted by y local fire station. they showed me how to use them and if i ever needed them on advise the contact number i could use. i Advise EVERYONE to get one if not more. Also a carbon monoxide alarm which are a total steal on amazon at the moment. Protect yourselves and your families. x

    by staciapps 27 June 2012