Safe baby care

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    Child safety week

    Monday, 24 March 2014 is the first day of the UK’s first-ever family safety week. Family safety week is being launched by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (R…

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    Are you pregnant, smoking, aged betwe…

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    YMTB Parenting Course offers qualific…

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    Winter worries? Don't overdress your …

    As the weather gets colder mums should resist the temptation to add layers to sleeping babies.

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    Q & A: Visiting Family at Christmas

    Visiting family at Christmas can be tough. Here's a few tips to help you through the holidays.

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    Whooping Cough outbreak is a cause fo…

    The latest baby news from around the world

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    Child Safety Week: road safety

    Slow down when driving and teach your children road safety

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    Child Safety Week: falls

    keep an eye on your little one - falls can be dangerous

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    Child Safety Week: fire

    Fit a fire alarm and protect your family

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    Child Safety Week: poisons

    Keep chemicals and detergents locked away from youngsters!

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    Child Safety Week: burns

    The first of our Child Safety Week blogs from CAPT: children and burns

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    Child Safety Week 18-24 June

    Today is the start of Child Safety Week run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust [CAPT]. We’ll be posting daily blogs full of their tips for keeping youngsters safe in the …

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    Need your views

    Should we take bubblaicious into your communities with face-to-face support?

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    Night feeds: top tips

    Health visitor Krissie P. gives some general advice about night feeds

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    Visiting family at Christmas

    Visiting family this Christmas? Be aware of the dangers of smoking relatives, warm houses and winter germs!

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    Smaller doses of paracetamol for smal…

    New guidance recommends that children under four should receive smaller doeses of paracetamol-based medicines.

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    Strike a Pose to Support Safe Baby Care!

    The NSPCC announced a campaign to lower the amount of non-accidental head injuries for babies under one year of age.

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    Playing With Your Child

    Did you know that finding time each day to play with your young child, even if it’s just a few minutes, strengthens your relationship with them?

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    Young mums are more at risk

    Government statistics out today show that young mums are more at risk of having their baby die as a cot death than older mums.

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    Depressed Dads

    US survey shows 1 in 10 dads get post-natal depression. What's your view?