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Too much telly means tubby tots

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Scientists have found that every hour of TV watched by young children increases their waist size by half a millimeter. Their ability to jump also decreases. The study followed 1,300 children between ages two and five. Experts recommend children over the age of two should watch no more than two hours of television a day. How much TV does your little one watch? Does a matter of millimeters matter to you?

French researchers have discovered that embryos from smoking mums-to-be develop more slowly than those from non-smoking women. An IVF clinic took regular pictures of an egg from the moment it was fertilised until implantation. At all stages of development, embryos from smokers were consistently behind. Smoking is known to reduce the chances of having a baby. Some hospitals ask couples to give up before they are given fertility treatment.

Finally, would you hire a photographer to capture the moment your baby is born? The growing trend has come under criticism from those who think some things should still be private!



  • I wont let my baby watch tv much i will only let it watch it wen im getting ready or something x

    by rosem94 4 August 2012

  • Elijah only watches tv when I'm eating or making bottles. but most of the time his crawling around on the floor or being held, so he hardly watches it

    by Marniee 27 July 2012

  • I have pictures taken of me and Aoife in the pool 1 minute after she was born, just as she had come out of the water (So basically her first breath)...But that was taken by Rick. I wouldn't hire someone to come and do it, because it's meant to be a private moment (in my opinion)...And Aoife only watches TV when she's eating her breakfast and that's while I'm getting myself ready for the day. We rarely have the tv on because we're usually out doing things or visiting people!

    by LaurenPowell 25 July 2012

  • I wouldn't pain for a photographer but I wish that pictures had been taken of layla being born and taking her first breath. what could be more amazing than seeing a person breathing for the first time :) or I would have liked it recorded. I reckon my next one I will get guy to do it! Also kids will only wanna watch telly if they think its normal, in general all kids love to run about and play :) my 4 year old brother would choose playing in the garden over telly but he does watch it during the day & is tiny! think it completely depends on the kid, my sister hardly ever watched telly and she was really chubby - spent most of her days on a bike x

    by NicoleLepage 25 July 2012

  • I think that you shouldn't sicking kids infront of the tv is just asking for trouble, they should be out side to get fresh air in there lungs.

    by georgie21 24 July 2012

  • havin a chubby toddler or a stick thin toddler is bad either way in my opinion... you shouldnt want your child to be chubby you should want them to be average not overweight as it isnt good for them, same as bein underweight... when people have children, responsibilities come with them... and one of them is to make sure you do things with your child and keep them healthy NOT sit them infront of tv for hours... theyre not saying on a rainy day the tv shouldnt be on but day in day out watchin tv for hours on end isnt good for them, it isnt good for anyone tbh.

    by amyw_x 24 July 2012

  • My son is 4 and he watched tv between 4 and half 6 while I am cooking or we are eating our dinner (although we talk during dinner time and eat up the table) but for the rest of the time he is running round being busy doing things. We go down the park at least two hours a day as long as it isn't raining. I would not have a photographer at the birth to my child, although I am sure it would be nice to have the pictures of your childs first moments isn't a birth meant to be something that is personal between you and your partner? Places like facebook or twitter are already destroying our private lives! x

    by Charley_F 23 July 2012

  • That's rubbish! I used to watch tv all the time, and the only time i wasnt watching tv was when i was out on my bike! Sooo whattttt if children are a bit chubby? Maybe more chubby people in the world would stop everyone being so obsessed with being a stick..

    by sjc123 22 July 2012

  • i dont thinik children should be sat infront of a tv all day or for hours on end anyway, they should be out in the fresh air or doing more practical things together with their mum and/or dads... i do loads with my daughter whos 3 and fun doesnt always cost money.

    by amyw_x 20 July 2012