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The pill without prescription

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A new NHS report has suggested that contraceptive pills should be available to young teenagers at pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. A trial in London found a significant drop in emergency contraception after the launch of over-the-counter access. The report suggests the service should be available to girls as young as 13. Two schemes already offer this in the Isle of Wight and Manchester. Do you think young teens should be able to buy the pill without seeing a GP?

The government is looking at changing the laws on domestic violence to cover 16 and 17-year-old victims. Many ‘slip through the cracks,’ being too old for child protection services but too young for help from domestic violence groups. Teenage girls are the group most at risk from violent relationships, according to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The National Domestic Violence Helpline is free and open 24 hours day. Call 0808 2000 247 or visit

Hilary Duff has revealed that she keeps her son's umbilical cord in a drawer at home. Positive pregnancy tests, dirty nappies … do you have any unusual baby keepsakes?.



  • personally i think this is a bad idea. the key to this should be to educate not provide even younger teens with the equipment to say "go on go have sex all you like!" yeah they may not get pregnant but std's, emotional problems mental health problems etc caused from not educating kids properly from a young age. :/ it annoys me how this is supposedly an answer when clearly kids need to be educated before even thinking of giving them options like this!

    by emmamay 8 May 2012

  • Bad idea! Gives young girls the wrong impression. There will be a rise in STDs for sure x

  • it seems like a good idea but i think there should be things put into place to stop the young girls health being risked and comprimised incase they have health issues, otherwise its a pretty good idea but they should also give the girls moreinfo on contraception that prevents STI's and this way people are more likely to look into it as they wouldnt feel emarrassed x

  • It's common knowledge that more and more young girls are getting pregnant, as a result of not using contraception (or not using it properly). I'm 17 and i find motherhood hard, and although i wouldn't change my little boy for the world i do wish i'd been more sensible when it came to contraception and became a mother at a later age. I know i wouldn't have been able to care for a baby when i was 13. A lot of young girls don't look into contraception even though they are sexually active, because they are too embarrassed to talk to their parent's or a doctor about it. However being on the contraceptive pill obviously doesn't protect you from STD's and for that reason condoms should be promoted more. Although it's good any sort of contraceptive is being promoted! There are some side affects and in rare cases people can react badly to the pill (i read in the newspaper a girl had a stroke after the pill caused a blood clot that travelled to her brain). The first time i was on the pill i had to be weighed, my blood pressure etc. But when i had my doctors appointment the other day to be put on it the doctor didn't do anything and just prescribed me the pill xx

    by Mummy2Mason 30 April 2012

  • I think it is a very BAD idea for one reason only, you need and should have to be checked over by a doctor or nurse before going on the pill for health reasons. Many people can't take the pill for reasons such a epilepsy or because they are over weight. Also your family's health history has to be taken into consideration too. My friend couldn't go on the pill because her great nan, nan and mum had suffered from breast cancer and the pill increased her chances of doing so too. I also think to highlight the point here, is that sex doesn't just end up with young girls becoming pregnant, but with STI's too, and this needs to be pointed out more. Also, teenagers should have more and better sex education in their schools, that also highlights the emotional impact of having sex underage, becoming pregnant or suffering from an STI, to make teenagers think twice before jumping into bed with anyone. Although I think theory behind the idea is good, it just isn't practical. But I am glad that this country is starting to realise that more teenagers are having sex underage and are trying to promote contraception. However, doing it this way is not good for their health! xx

    by Charley_F 28 April 2012

  • i personally feel it is a good idea because that will mean that if 13 year olds are sexually active they can at least do something to prevent them from getting pregnant . i was 16 wen i got pregnant and motherhood is one of the hardest things ever but yet i wouldnt give my son up for anything , xx

    by Proudd_Mummy 27 April 2012

  • I think it's a brilliant idea, but I also think condoms should be promoted more! xx

    by Jambo 27 April 2012

  • Im not convinced that making the pill available like that is a good idea. Yea it will reduce underage pregnancies however it won't stop STIs. Not only that the doctor does a health check to make sure you are ok for the pill, I wasn't allowed a certain type due to migraines and I didnt know that til the doctor exammined me. Tbh I think condoms would be promoted alot more and try and lose their 'wimpy' status. Condoms aren't brilliantly comfy however it stops getting the clap ot HIV and many others. Xx

    by 27 April 2012

  • i think is a good idea only because i just started to realise that in this country poeple have sex from a very young age....and they must be very embarrased to talk with their parents about contraception...i still have my daugthers unbilical cord

    by Miss-Masie 26 April 2012

  • I think its a brilliant idea! I used to hate going to the docotors to get a repeat prescription! I think it will make a big differece and in the long run save money. xx

    by KatyBee 26 April 2012

  • its a good idea but without being able to get it on prescription i wouldnt have been able to afford the pill, you parents dont need to know what your prescribed to? its just another way for the government to tax us, i have elainas umbilical cord lol and my gas and air mouthpiece and the nightie i gave birth in and the tape they use to measure her when she was first born xxxxx

    by Cherii 26 April 2012