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Playing it cool - baby advice for hot weather

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The sun is shining again and temperatures have reached 28º in some parts of the UK today! However it is very important not to let your baby (or their room) overheat in the warm weather:

• Room temperature should ideally be between 16-20ºC. 18ºC (65ºF) is just right. If you email your name and postal address to we can send you a simple room thermometer.

• Check how hot the baby feels by placing a hand on the skin of his tummy, or the back of his neck.

• If the room where the baby sleeps is difficult to cool, follow the 'summer rules' of lighter bedding and open the bedroom door and a window if it is safe to do so, though ensure that the baby's cot or crib is not in a draught. You might also like to use a fan to cool the room, but don’t aim it directly on the baby.

• Use lightweight blankets or a baby sleeping bag. In this warm summer weather, your baby may not need any bedclothes at all.

• A baby should not sleep in direct sunlight

• Ensure that the baby has sufficient fluids, whether from breast milk or by offering cooled, boiled water.

Out and About
• remember young skin is delicate and very easily damaged by the sun. All children, no matter whether they tan easily or not, should be protected from the sun. Keep babies under six months out of direct sunlight, especially around midday. Read Top Ten Tips for safe sun care*:

* info from Cancer Research UK



  • I think the summer is hard and winter can be aswell! I always worry about it! xxx

    by rosem94 4 August 2012

  • advice for older kids would prpberbly be more helpful xx

    by mummyzoe 28 July 2012

  • Brai loves the warm weather! We've just got back from Florida, where it was 33 degrees every day! She got a little tanned, no sunburn though. We always made sure she had sun cream and a t shirt on, although she wont wear hats :/ My room gets ridiculously hot, but I end up having to close the window because Braianna gets so cold. I know the sun can be dangerous but it's not that bad if you're careful :)

    by BeccaaCat 24 July 2012

  • I try to get out of the house early in the morning and just before 6. As its not as hot. My son is just running around in a naapy as there is no point putting clothes on him as his vest becomes full of sweat.

    by AnyaMaria 25 May 2012

  • I hate how much the room temperature thing is stressed. You cant do much about it alot of the time and it just stresses mums out. Rileys room thermometer is currently showing 25 and while its good to know so I can just put him in his vest there isnt alot I can do to cool it down so stop stressing me about it. This time last year I was cacking myself because the baby monitor kept beeping at me saying it was too hot, I ended up putting him to bed in just his vest or even just a nappy and no blankets and he woke up all the time because he was cold!

    by Bethan123 24 May 2012

  • i try to go out with lai when it gets cooler but my sometimes its unavoidable, i really dont like the heat esp with a baby, i worry so so much xxx

    by Cherii 24 May 2012