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Heavy drinking stunts your baby's growth

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A glass of wine a day during pregnancy may affect a child’s growth for nine years, new research has revealed. The study at Harvard Medical School found pregnant women who had three units of alcohol a day had babies with a lower height, weight and head circumference than light or non-drinkers. These differences in growth continued until the children were nine years old.

Portuguese researchers have found that inactive children who spend more than three quarters of their time watching TV or sitting at computers, for example, are clumsier than others the same age. The findings suggest that parents should encourage children to increase their amount of physical activity to improve their motor skills.

Harry and Amelia were the most popular baby names in 2011. The list from the Office of National Statistics also reveals that George, Evie and Chloe dropped out of the ‘top tens’. The most popular names were:

1. Harry        1. Amelia
2. Oliver       2. Olivia
3. Jack         3. Lily
4. Alfie         4. Jessica
5. Charlie     5. Emily
6. Thomas   6. Sophie
7. Jacob       7. Ruby
8. James      8. Grace
9. Joshua     9. Ava
10. William  10. Isabella

Finally, Berlin Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a new baby elephant. The calf, named Anchali, was born on 12 August, after a pregnancy lasting two years. And we thought nine months was a long time!



  • When people say to me just have one you will be fine, I wouldn't dream of even having a drop because if anything did happen I would blame that me having a drink was the reason. So I would rather not have anything, as you can still have fun without alcohol!x

    by Levi-93 8 January 2013

  • In my opinion, you shouldn't drink at all when pregnant. Whatever goes into your body, goes into your tiny baby's body too! Personally I wouldn't touch a single drop! And aww the 2011 list of names are cute. Our chosen name is on there haha, not saying which though, as we aren't telling any one :P xx

    by Gemma_ 7 December 2012

  • Best way is not to drink while you are pregnant ..

    by indre 7 October 2012

  • I felt really bad when I found out I was pregnant because most weekends I have a few drinks with friends...I've given up drinking completely now though. My friend keeps saying its okay to drink and I'm like no its not. I mean some people might do it but I'm not.. x

    by 17 September 2012

  • I was spending up to £120 a weekend on vodka with my ex before i found out i was pregnant! but when i found out i was pregnant i was so horrified that i didnt touch it again! it was hard but i felt so terrible that my baby had been tolerating that much for 6 weeks!

    by sashaxo 24 August 2012

  • I don't drink at all! I didn't drink before I got pregnant really either, I had a few drinks on christmas - with my family :) and had a couple of drinks on holiday.. I found out I was pregnant in June, so I'm glad I hadn't had a drink whilst being pregnant! I think it's disgusting when people drink when pregnant! Feel so sorry for the little baby in there :(

    by _Abbieee 17 August 2012

  • i dont understand how any one can drink when they know that there pregnant and they could be harming there little baby i think its awful :/ but thats just my opinion

    by Ellie-May 17 August 2012