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What were your births like?

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Welcome to our new blogger Kirsty, 20, from Northern Ireland:

Hi all, this is my first blog post for Bubbalicious. Hope you enjoy.

I thought that I would write about births. I would love to hear some feedback as to what you think of them etc. I have two sons, both births were completely different.

With my 1st son I had to be induced, I hated being stuck in the bed and not able to move, get up and walk etc. As I was attached to drips etc I wasn't able to do anything like that. I chose to have remifentanil as my pain relief.

With my 2nd son I had a water birth, which I thought was brilliant, I only had gas and air for pain relief alongside the water. I would highly recommend it. I was able to get up and go for walks and use the birthing ball.

Would u recommend a pain relief? With both my births/pregnancies I was never asked to write up a birthing plan or even spoke to about one. Were you? I hope u enjoy reading this and I hope u respond and it gives u something to chat about.

Until next time.

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  • Although it's so far off I am so scared to give birth

    by Shhh8 12 August 2013

  • Giving birth is so painful

    by Rose-4evas 2 August 2013

  • My labour was awful i was in slow labour for 2 weeks and was 2 cms, i then was contraction but was not dilating, had every drug under the sun, lost so much blood that nearly had to have a blood trasfuction, but would do it alla again tomorrow

    by brionyrapp 19 July 2013

  • I absolutely loved giving birth to my daughter sounds crazy haha i had an active birth with no pain relief and Lilly-Beau was deilvered by her daddy xx

    by LozandBump 18 May 2013

  • I haven't given birth yet, but as weird as it may sound, i'm actually excited? I cant wait to know what it feels like and to experience that, it must be amazing! can't wait for my little one to be here already x

    by sammie_ 16 May 2013

  • I am so scared about the birth lol

    by 10 April 2013

  • I definately want to have a water birth, from what everyones said about it it definatley sounds good

    by courtz_32_ 14 January 2013

  • sooo scared/nervous for the birth..will all be worth it though:)

    by emmax17 14 January 2013

  • I've gone through labor three times, all three times I had to be induced. With my first two, I was stuck in bed and had pain relief drugs given to me through my IV line. With my third, which was the best experience I had, I got to get up, walk around, take a shower, and I was able to manage the pain without any drugs. With my first two children, I never got talked to about writing a birth plan, although I did make one both times. My children's father also knew what my wishes were during labor so he was able to help with that. The third time, my doctor advised me to write a birth plan and they did ask me about my wishes when I went into the hospital to be induced.

    by makexaxwish 25 November 2012

  • I tore so painful

    by 19 November 2012

  • i ended up having an emergency c section with charlie after he got stuck and they used the suction on him and damaged his head so going for a planned c section with ruby this time.

    by laura_cr 18 November 2012

  • I was asked to write a birth plan, I wanted to have a water birth, but when I got to the hospital they said my iron level's where top low and had a drip. I had gas and air for pain relief when was 8cm dilated and the birth itself took about 5-10 mins with only a little bruising.

    by haley_kobu 17 November 2012

  • Never had a birth plan all I can say is do it how it comes gas and air and maybe I pethidine injection that's all you need :)

    by Jadeholmes20 11 November 2012

  • I planed to have a normal naturel birth bt at 33weeks my baby started gettin stressed and i ended up gettin rushed down to theoter to have an emergancy c-section which was the scarest thing in my life...

    by lilbabiiejem 8 November 2012

  • I am so nervous about giving birth, Some of these experiences are pretty reassuring! still so so scared xx

    by LaurenAimee 7 November 2012

  • I was having contractions without the pain, the night before i went into labour, i was sitting with my family and my mums friend noticed my belly was tightening etc. and at 5 in the mornin i woke up with period type pains, i sat on the floor for an hour because i was unsure if i was in labour or not lol. i then went to the toilet and found blood so i thought it must be it. i rang my mum (who was staying at my dads the night) and explained i thought i was in labour and she came and took me to my dads. my waters broke at my dads house and i later went to hospital at 8. The midwife explained that im not quite there and it would probably be another 6 hours until he arrives, she was going to send me home but i felt as if i badly needed a poo, so i went to the toilet and started to push as you do lol... sorry haha and he was coming. so the midwife checked me over again and she said he seems to be on his way. (obviously didnt want me to go home lol) and at 9:40 am he arrived, i had no drugs at all :)

    by 28 October 2012

  • these birthing experiance arent as bad as i thought they'd be kinda reassures me in a way!xx

    by bec-manley 24 October 2012

  • my labour was quite a easy labour i went to hospital when i was 5cm and they keept me in and 4 hours later they examined me and i was still only 5cm so they broke my waters and i went in the birthing pool a few hours later they examined me again and i was 8cm i got out off the birthing pool and had pathendine then a hour later i had her :) xx

    by Ellie-May 23 October 2012

  • So scared about giving birth lol!xx

    by emilyrosexo 17 October 2012

  • I'm such a cry baby when it comes to pain, so don't know how I'm going to last in labour or giving birth to be honest haha. Anyone recommend a good pain relief that would really help better than others?

    by Medinaax 15 October 2012

  • i'm dreading labour! worried it'll be a rather long one!

    by ErinnLouisee 12 October 2012

  • I only had gas and air, was in labour for 12 hours which I spent most the time at home! By the time I got to hospital, I was 7cm dilated and was only pushing for half an hour.. It's not as bad as people make it out to be!!

    by ChelseaO_xx 11 October 2012

  • I had twins, and after 14 hours of being in labour baby #1 would just not come out so I had forceps. Not the best experience but I'm glad I didn't have to have a C-Section!

    by Lily-Rayne 7 October 2012

  • i'm dreading having a long labour!

    by alysiamae 5 October 2012

  • My labour was ony 6 hours long, 1cm at 1pm - 10cm by 5.30pm - no pain relief x

    by LorenAmyy 5 October 2012

  • I'm going in two weeks . So exacted

    by indre 5 October 2012

  • My birth was pretty fast and straight forward, it was over in just 9 hours, i gave birth to twins and didn't have any drugs to help me. But labor is different for everyone i guess.

    by TeenMommy 26 September 2012

  • god i was 2 weeks over due and had been contracting for those 2 weeks weeks...i went in tuesday 12am night before my planned induction and i was 1cm dilated so they decided to keep me in anyway. the next they put the pessary in and told me to go for a walk but they ended up taking the pessary out as it caused ryans heartrate to drop. then they broke my waters. by thursday morning i hadnt really dilated at all and at this point i was knackered i hadnt slept since new years day and it was now the 5th of january....i had to have a an epidural....i managed to get 2 hours sleep with it and when i woke up it was time to push..i gave birth to my lil ryan at 1.29pm. i will never go to st thomas hospital again as the midwives i felt were not at all very nice of understanding. however despite the fact that i lost over half a litre of blood and was in hospital till the sunday near enough in need of a was well worth it

    by lovecheeks1 24 September 2012

  • Was in slow labour for the 3 days at 2cm dilated and fully effaced, my waters went at 6pm started pushing at 11:30pm and he was born at 12:03am, did it on just gas and air! I wanted to have a water birth but i was in so much pain i couldnt move off the bed at all! xx

    by Gabby0308 22 September 2012

  • I was 3 days over due but found out at my last midwife app I already 4cm dilated without even knowing it! My Birth was pretty easy compared to some I found that the Labour ball help me with the contraction then I had a water birth which was amazing, it help me relax and help ease the contractions I also had a bit of gas and air which i wasnt to keen on as it made me fee quite ill! I would really really recommed a water birth girls :) xxx

    by kayley9312 17 September 2012

  • I was in labour for going on 4 days and had gas and air and pethidine which i found to be no good, i eventually had an epidural which made me feel much more comfortable but ended up having a forceps delivery. My labour was very difficult but i wouldnt change it :)

    by Katie-Michel 12 September 2012

  • I had Diamorphine with my baby boy and found it a lot easier to handle the contractions than just on gas and air. I would reccomend it!

    by Jessica_ess 2 September 2012

  • My birth was quite straight forward! I had a water birth and it was literally the most amazing experience ever! I'm determined to never give birth any other way! With the little one I have on the way (Even though I have a while to go yet) I'm planning a home birth with a pool <3 It would literally be the most ideal way for me to give birth! xx

    by LaurenPowell 31 August 2012

  • I had a home water birth with my son, it was amazing! So peaceful and lovely not to be in an unfamiliar enviroment. It was also nice to be at home with him straight afterwards, settling into being a family. I only had gas and air with my water birth too, and for someone who cries if they get so much as a paper cut, I coped pretty well I think :) I did make a birth plan but it mostly consisted of NO INJECTIONS UNLESS ABSOLOUTELY NECCESSARY (I'm severely needle phobic) and home birth. I had WW3 with the consultants getting them to agree to a home birth so my plans were well discussed with my midwife and my teenage pregnancy support worker beforehand. xxx

    by 30 August 2012

  • When i had my son, i was never asked to write a birthing plan either. During labour i had an epidural which i must admit helped a lot but i regretted it after which is very typical of me!

    by mummylauren 30 August 2012