Being pregnant

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    Eating for two?

    Tommy's the baby charityare working with young women to understand more about eating a healthy diet and supplement in pregnancy.

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    Survey: How does becoming a new paren…

    We are working with a baby charity who wants to find out a bit more about what it feels like when you become a new parent.

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    Mother’s day baby - Lilly-Beau is h…

    Our blogger Lauren has given birth! Here is her story.

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    Guest blogger: Emma says, "Hello bubb…

    Emma talks us through the woes and changes of pregnancy.

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    Me Ben and Bump: Days away....

    Its Lauren's due date, her bump has dropped and she is pretty excited about the birth!

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    Me, Ben and Bump: Full Term and feeli…

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    Me, Ben and Bump: Introduction

    Our guest blogger Lauren tells us a little about herself.

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    Ask the Midwife: Back in three weeks

    Our resident Midwife answers your questions

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    Ask the Midwife: Writing a birth plan

    midwife, ask, birth, plan, birth plan

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    Ask the Midwife: An Introduction

    Lisa, our resident Midwife introduces herself.

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    It's OK not to be OK

    Rachael Dobson, co-founder of PANDAS talks about her experiences of Post Natal Depression.

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    Happy 10th Birthday Enfield Young Par…

    We celebrate the birthday of Enfield Young Parent's Project. And yes, there will be cake!

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    What were your births like?

    Guest blogger and young mum Kirsty talks about the births of her children

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    Water births - an introduction

    An introduction to water births by guest midwife Clemmie

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    Smoking divide between north and south

    NHS information centre released statistics about a smoking divide between the north and south areas of England

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    Get your voice heard!

    Honor Young, from the University of Wales Institute, is researching teenagers' attitudes to unprotected sex and pregnancy.

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    Smoking dads increase risk of stillbirth

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    Marmalade: The New Posh Pregnancy Craze!

    Victoria Beckham has fallen pregnant with her forth child and has an intense craving for orange preserves on toast and sandwiches.

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    Welsh government promises better care…

    The Welsh government has announced that it wants to improve midwifery services and to help pregnant women by offering them advice on healthy eating and how to stop smoking.

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    Flu Jabs-Swine Flu Update

    As highlighted in recent news, it is important to get your seasonal flu jab this season.