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What is a Big Sister?

A Big Sister is a young mum who wants to help others using this site. If you want to speak with someone who will tell you how it is and understand where you're coming from then follow Big Sisters on bubbalicious.

To be a Big Sister you need to correctly answer questions in our four level quiz on safe baby care - which can be found in the tasks section once you have registered.  Big Sisters are also really familiar with bubbalicious.


The bubbalicious team will suggest Big Sisters that might be a good match for you.  To help us get a good match please answer as many profile questions as possible.

How does this work?

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    i fell pregnant when i was 17 im 18 now and due 28th december.
    CHRISTMAS BABY!!! everyone keeps …

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    My names Kelsey Elizabeth Hill, i have a Daughter who was born on the 11th of april 2009, who's j…

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    i am a normal 16 year old go to colledge have a boyfriend live with my parents still onli thing t…

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    Hey, Im Becki Im now 17 and my daughter (Emma) Is nearly 9 months!

    I had Emma when i was 16 (6…

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    Hiya peeps, well im Sarah from Dudley are in Midlands. Recently I gave birth to my gorgeous lil m…

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    I was in college when i was pregnant doing my A-levels in health and social care, General studies…

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    I am a 19 year old mother of 1, living in Canada! I live at home with my parents, and my boyfrien…

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    Hey :)

    My name is Nicole and I live all the way in little old New Zealand with my Fiance Andre…

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    I live with my BF and 17 month old son in SW London. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with a baby…