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What is a Big Sister?

A Big Sister is a young mum who wants to help others using this site. If you want to speak with someone who will tell you how it is and understand where you're coming from then follow Big Sisters on bubbalicious.

To be a Big Sister you need to correctly answer questions in our four level quiz on safe baby care - which can be found in the tasks section once you have registered.  Big Sisters are also really familiar with bubbalicious.


The bubbalicious team will suggest Big Sisters that might be a good match for you.  To help us get a good match please answer as many profile questions as possible.

How does this work?

You need to be signed in for the Big Sister Suggester to work. Below is a list of all Big Sisters.

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    Hi, I'm Abbie, I'm 20 years old and I had my son Charlie when I was 17. He was born on the 28th o…

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    Am 27, with two sons. Both 7 & 3.

    Live with my new partner, and living my life to the fullest.…

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    Well about a month ago i thought i was really poorly with a kidney infection, the a week later i …

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    im emma im 18 living in basingstoke with my boyfriend who is a wonderful daddy to our beautiful d…

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    i found out i was pregnant in april 2011 when i was 16, i am now 17 and my partner is 21 we have …

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    18 years old with a gorgeous baby son who was born on 24/11/13.

    feel free to add me on Facebo…

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    Hey my name is Jade-Marie Archer, I had my little girl when i was 16.

    The Pregnancy story:

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    My perfect lil man was born 16/01/12 at 1.29pm :] He was delivered after 28 and a half hours of l…

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    Im 17 years old and have a little boy called Brooklyn born 11/01/2012 at 7.29am-hes my world. Im …