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  • kay-louise wants to know

    how many people had to have a section for there 2nd baby after having one for there 1st,

    i had a c section for my first baby (emergancy )
    and i wondered how many people had to have the same for there 2nd baby
    without having a choice to have a normal birth,

  • I had a natural birth but I know someone that had an emergancy c section with their first and had to have c-sections with her other 2 without a choice xx

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  • It depends cuz there's a chance that the placenta is attached to the scaring from a c section. Women have been able to have natural births after a c section. Have they not told you why U have to have one? Xx

  • thanks for reply, i was told i would have to have one, and they have booked me in allready =/
    its like if theres nothing wrong then why do i have to !!!!!

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