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    any tips on keeping the peace between my partner and baby's daddy?

    I just found out today that i am 13+4 pregnancy. This has now cause riff between my partner and the baby's dad. They never saw eye to eye in the first place but its worsen because of this. its not really a nice being the middle of this and it's draining me out. Well at least my partner is keeping this hatred away from the kids

  • its a difficult one! Does it basically come down to jealousy? They both need to know their roles in ur Childs life, like that babies dad needs to know he will be the dad and have a chance at relationship with his child, he maybe feeling pushed out and like his child won't need him or ur partner is going to act as dad. Ur partner may be feeling jealous that its not his and wished it was, he also needs to know his role as like a step dad. Peace needs to happen for the sake of ur baby and remind them of that, it would be awful for the child to grow up where no one gets on. They dont have to be best friends, just civil. Talk to them and find out what is actually worrying them. Not only that but U need a stress free life during ur pregnancy, remind them its all for the sake of the baby. Good luck xx

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  • Totally agree with Sarah, you need to talk to both of them preferably together so that they can hear each other. Tell them this is for the child and not for them as that would be selfish, you dont want the child growing up in a environment where there dad and stepdad dont get along. However they both need to know their roles and their responsibilites for instance your boyfriend cant take full role of being a dad that wouldnt be fair but he does need to care for the baby being your partner and all that. Tell them that you dont want arguments for your stress levels as you will be tired and run down with baby and arguments. hopefully they will understand xxx

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